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The Nation Rise Wind Farm successfully achieved commercial operation on June 14th, 2021 as confirmed by the Ontario IESO and will provide renewable electricity to Ontario for a period of 20 years.


We are currently completing site restoration activities. Updates can be found on the project update website accessible below.




Development of Nation Rise Wind Farm began in 2012 with the construction of one 60 meter meteorological tower. Since then the EDPR Canada development team has constructed an additional 100 meter meteorological tower and secured more than 12,000 acres through land agreements with approximately 70 local individuals and farming families.

Home Improvement Fund

The Home Improvement Fund (HIF) was established as part of an agreement between the Concerned Citizens of North Stormont (CCNS) and the Nation Rise Wind Farm to provide households within 1.5 kilometers of wind turbines the opportunity to apply for funding for home improvements that will mitigate perceived noise or visual impacts from the operation of the project.

A one-time $150,000 donation will be made by the Nation Rise Wind Farm to the HIF which is available now that the project has reached commercial operations. The application period is open and will close July 14th, 2022 and the fund will be distributed in late summer 2022. Application forms for the fund have been provided under the Home Improvement Fund section of the downloads section. A map of the catchment area and a list of all homes within the area has also been provided for download. Interested applicants are advised to review these documents for eligibility and for further information on the HIF and application requirements.

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